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Cooperation Program

Cooperation models
    Offshore model
    Homeshore model
Project models
    Fixed Price
    Time and Material 

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  • Fill out the Request for Proposal or feel free to contact us using your preferred way of communication
  • We will schedule a meeting, on which you will present the requests and we will agree on further steps
  • Activities will follow according to the project methodology and the model of cooperation agreed
  • Our work does not end with the completion of the project activities. We analyze the experiences and correct methodology and standard procedures.



Our service methodology is unique:

  • Situation Snapshot - we analyze your requirements and identify the components that could be outsourced
  • Pilot program – for major projects we perform outsourcing prove of concept, even before signing the contract
  • Transition management – we use the methodology for flawless transition of the outsourced processes, when the offshore outsourcing model is used
  • Project management – we use the methodology for financial and operational management of the outsourced projects

Outsourcing models

We offer the following cooperation models:

  • Offshore – service is delivered at our site at our premises. We are responsible for the provision of suitable infrastructure and skilled professionals. We offer two project models:
  • Homeshore - service is delivered at your or the final customer location. We provide the necessary technical personnel and the equipment, if requested.

Project models

Project models are standard:

  • Fixed Price (Contract with reimbursement and fixed amount of payment for the work) - model is suitable when the project objectives are initially defined as well as the budget of the project is. Project objectives, project schedule and cash flow is defined by the contract before the start of project activities.
  • Time and Material (Contract with payment of the actual work done) - is the resource rent for a limited time. The model is suitable when there are no initially well-defined objectives, there is no clear requirements specification and the like. Services are generally calculated monthly, based on the weekly reports of the work done.

For both project models, early in the project beginning the Project Initiation Document (PID) is prepared, which among other things defines:

  • The organizational structure of the project, project roles and responsibilities
  • Project Operational Plan, including project deliverables and project schedules
  • Quality Plan
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Risks Plan
  • Project Documentation
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